The complete hardware solution developed for your event

The SPORTident Trail Running set is a fully featured AIR+ configuration of SI-ActiveCards (SIAC), SI-Stations and more needful accessories. It is available in three different options: S, M and L. SPORTident AIR+ designates system features for contactless identification and timekeeping in extension of the classic system.

All needed equipment (up to 8 intermediate times) for timekeeping is available in a complete set, delivered in a suitable transportation case. SPORTident guarantees an easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult and makes it the fastest way to time your Trail Running event. With the set you get many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data (e.g. live results at the course, Internet), also for special parts of the trail for example “the king (or queen) of the mountains” for the fastest climber. The Trail Running Set is a complete solution for your event, additional SIACs and equipment can be rented.

Product recommendation

CardsSPORTident ActiveCards for the participants of the event (100-400 SIAC)

BS11-BS station with 1.8m range of contactless timing (for 4 to 8 intermediate times)

BS11-BL station with 3m range for the finish line (set S)

BS11-Loop station with 6m range for the finish line (set M and L)

PreparationBSF8 – CLEAR, SIAC Battery test, SIAC ON, SIAC OFF

BSM7-D-USB / BSM8-DB-USB – to read out the SIAC onto the computer

BSF8 SIAC Radio read out the SIAC onto the computer

USB-Dongle (for M and L) – to read out the card contactless onto the computer


SPORTident Printoutset – direct printing of SIAC data without computer

SPORTident Modem SIGSM-DN – live data transmission from each stage to a server by using GSM


Elastic wrist bands – 25 cm (100-400)

Mounting holders BS11-BS (4-8)

Magnet for switching stations On/Off


SiTiming license included for one year (for M and L, optional for S)


2 years

Supporttraining/operating/timing service
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