Timing possibilities

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SPORTident offers a comprehensive system solution for timekeeping in outdoor sports. The system is both flexible and easy to use, adapting to a wide range of different sports and requirements while giving you the confidence that timekeeping will just work. The hardware is small, light-weight and durable, making for comfortable, worry-free handling. Organisers in over 65 countries create amazing sport experiences for outdoor enthusiasts.

The SPORTident Approach

Fast setup

SPORTident timing hardware comes preconfigured for your needs. Often, no additional setup is necessary and the hardware can be used as is, without even touching a computer. However, it is also easy to understand and change the configuration.

Flexible solution

While the basic setup for most needs is straightforward, different product options together with rich configuration possibilities allow you to adapt the timing hardware to almost any use case and scenario you can think of.

Easy to carry

SPORTident timing hardware is small, light-weight and battery powered. For some races, you can fit all the equipment you need in a backpack. Our hardware will run happily unattended, timing your participants and waiting for you to pick it up after the race.

Robust hardware

SPORTident hardware is extremely durable. You can use it from -20°C to +50°C in any terrain, any weather, and under water. Some of our products have been in continuous use for over ten years now. The hardware is built to last.

SPORTident equipment

About SPORTident Benelux


SPORTident Benelux as a partner of SPORTident GmbH and additionally to Go4orienteering asbl promotes the SPORTident equipment and offers possibilities for timings for clubs and schools as well as ready made exercises to promote sport and orienteering for everyone.

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