The complete hardware solution developed for starting up or physical education

The SPORTident Set Timekeeper is a fully featured AIR+ configuration of SPORTident ActiveCards (SIAC’s), SI-Stations and a thermal printer. It enables the immediate usage of the SPORTident system without PC. SPORTident AIR+ includes system features for contactless identification and timing “over the air” in extension of passive punching at control points. Applications are in general outdoor sports like trail, running, biking, triathlon and other multisports.

Product recommendation

Cards20 SPORTident ActiveCards (SIAC-1)

4 units BSF8 (CLEAR, SIAC ON, SIAC OFF, SIAC Battery Test)

4 BS11-BS blue stations (Start, intermediate time1 and 2, Finish)

Special1 SPORTident Master Station

The set itself is a fully featured configuration of SIAC-1 cards, SI-Stations and a thermal printer. It enables the immediate use of the SPORTident system without a PC. The whole configuration is battery-driven.

The equipment is very robust and will also cope with rough treatment. It is water resistant (except the printer), which makes it suitable in all circumstances.


SI-Config (synchronising the time of stations, configuration)

SI-Print (loading of costumer specific print layouts)

SI-Boot (firmware upgrade of stations)

SI-Personal (personalisation of SI-Cards)

SIME (easy to handle competition software)


SPORTident Printout set includes Printout station and thermal printer


2/5 years

CaseSmall transport case with special inlay
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