The newer SPORTident AIR+ system enables contactless timing. It is especially well-suited for applications such as trail running, mountain biking, nordic sports and other adventure sports. Time and control number are recorded to the athlete’s SPORTident card (SIAC) as he or she passes the station in a distance of up to three meters. It is not necessary to bring card and station into direct contact. It’s fast. It’s contactless. It’s amazing. With its 3 meter range and 0.01 second resolution, the SIAC gets out of the way while the athlete concentrate on what matters most: his or her sport. SIACs are the next step in the evolution of orienteering, adventure and outdoor sports, removing the need to slow down at controls, checkpoints or at the finish.


About the AIR+ system

The SIAC basically is used together with special BS11 Beacon stations, which give time records from a distance up to 3m and this is the so called “Active mode”. SPORTident AIR+ is fully backwards-compatible with the classic system. The classic BSF7 and BSF8 stations can be programmed in “beacon mode” using the Config+ software. Competitors using a SIAC pass it within 50cm of the control and will receive a series of vivid flashes and loud beeps providing feedback that the visit has been registered. The BS11-BL Stations can be configured in a “gate” mode. This not only improves the timekeeping accuracy but also secures that SIAC registers records only when “inside” the gate. Using a gate for FINISH significantly reduces accidentally time recording while athletes are racing. It is also possible to put a loop antenna on the ground with a distance up to 6 m.

Combination of BSF8 and BS11 stations

As already mentioned, SIAC system is fully compatible with other SPORTident systems. Now organizers can also combine contact punching stations (passive - BSF8) with non – contact punching stations (active - BS11). With this system it is easier to set up more attractive sport events, combining orienteering exercises, biking, running, swimming and other sports. It is possible to combine BS11 stations with BSF7 or BSF8 stations and use both modes of the SIAC in one event. This means that passive SI-cards (series 8/9/10/11) can be used for classic direct punching and ALSO SIAC can be used for contactless timekeeping in the same event. A number of extensions expand the functionality of the classic and AIR+ system. For example, the short range radio option enables supported stations and cards to directly transmit time records during the race, making live results possible.


With a CLEAR station SIACs memory is cleared from previous event data, while with CHECK station SIAC is switched on. CHECK activates SIAC for about 20 hours. This time is reset with each direct or proximity punch. SIAC indicates active state with a slowly blinking green LED. SIAC is deactivated by a FINISH. The tip of the SIAC-card flashes quite brightly when a punch has been recorded and emits an audible beep. The flashing continues while the SIAC-card is in the field of the control and then for 3 seconds (default value). It can also be used for direct punching. The battery life is expected to be about 4 years. SIAC will always work in direct punching mode too even if its battery is empty.

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