Create an exciting obstacle course, switch on a timing device and let your students measure their own time. That’s how easy it is to motivate the whole class. Spend less time preparing for a class and evaluating performances. You supervise the activities and there are no additional expenses for timing each student. Lessons become more effective because each student times themselves. Several students can complete an exercise at the same time.

The success of SPORTident is based on giving the students instant feedback about their activities. They can immediately see their improvement there and what better motivation is there for exercise. It can be a simple game or a more serious competition. Students must feel they can compete on their own terms and whether it is a game or competition, it must be as fair as possible.

Exercise and fun guaranteed

The SPORTident Go4Orienteering Electronic Timekeeping and Identification Set offers a full featured electronic timekeeping solution for orienteering at schools. It enables the immediate usage of the SPORTident-System without a PC. It is easy to be used by the students and eliminates all setup needs a teacher otherwise has to do. The students are getting an instant feedback about their activities. It can be used by individuals or teams, at every age, at one or more locations.

Students can use SPORTident Go4Orienteering Electronic Timekeeping and Identification Set to practice the following core competencies:
• concentration
• mental agility
• sense of direction and navigation
• speed
• reactivity

SPORTident provides timing, identification and immediate results. Students check their performance for themselves and will then be motivated to improve. It is easy to touch the electronic
control and finish label from any angle. SPORTident equipment is very robust and will cope with rough treatment. It is easy to carry, the timing hardware is small and light-weight. The durable
hardware is working without external power source. It is also waterproof, which makes it suitable for use indoor or outdoor.

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