The beacon BS11-BS

Identification at check points in outdoor sport disciplines like trail, mountain bike ENDURO and MTBO is slightly different than in orienteering. In general, passing speed is higher and control points are more line elements than filigree objects. The BS11-BS (beacon short distance) is special adapted for these applications by enabling identification over the air. The station is part of SPORTident AIR+ system configuration and can be configured with SPORTident Config+.

The beacon BS11-BL

The unique design of the BS11-BL (beacon long distance) meets requirements for identification at checkpoints in sports like skiing and biking. The SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) can register the intermediate and finish times in a range up to 3 meters. The SPORTident Station BS11-BL features a new body with an increased RFID output. The station can be controlled and also be charged by USB interface. In Beacon mode, the data record about the passed control stations will be saved in more than one SIAC at the same time. The number of SIACs can be registered simultaneous is unlimited. The BS11-BL can be configured with the software SI-Config+.

The SPORTident BSF8 station

The SPORTident-Station BSF8 is based on a newly developed hardware core. The BSF8 design offers a number of significant improvements with lower power consumption and new features compared with the older series of SPORTident-Stations. It is easier to configure since the BSF8 station has top/bottom display and is still compatible with the already existing SPORTident- System equipments. Additionally, the new BSF8 is also available with short range radio (SRR) which enables wireless transmission of SPORTident data records over distances of up to 8 metres. The radios are working in the licence-free 2.4 GHz radio-band and can be used worldwide. SRR creates a wireless data bridge to a receiver or repeater mounted some metres away by using SRR dongle. SRR dongle receives data records sent from BSF8-SRR and SIAC1. The device features an USB interface for easy connection with PC, laptop or other standard communication equipment.

The SPORTident BSF8 Master station

The SPORTident BS Master is an extended SPORTident Control Station with the LCD screen at the front side. It works and can be configured like any other SPORTident Station. In addition two new service modes are implemented: TimeMaster and ExtendedMaster. In operating mode “TimeMaster” the station transmits its clock time to any other SPORTident Station inductive coupled to the SI-Master. So a set of SPORTident Stations can be synchronised very quickly. Also in “ExtendedMaster” mode the SI-Master transmits its clock time to any other SPORTident Station. Additionally the SI-Master clears the backup memory of the slaved station and transmits its own active time to any other unit.

The SPORTident BSM8-D-USB station

The SPORTident Station BSM8-D-USB is based on the BSM7-D-USB hardware core. The station works and can be configured like each other SPORTident Station. For environmental reasons the station has no internal battery, the power will be provided from the USB port. The new design offers a number of significant improvements and new features compared with the older series of SPORTident Stations. The new BSM8-D-USB Station is compatible with the already existing SPORTident System parts and can be used mixed with older equipment.

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