The SPORTident short range radio (SRR) enables wireless transmission of SPORTident data records over distances of up to 8 metres. The radio is working in the licence free 2.4 GHz radio band and can be used worldwide. A typical application case for SI-SRR are the so called “online controls”. The control point can be placed at nearly any position in any terrain where a wired data transmission from the control station can be uncomfortable or even impossible. SI-SRR creates a wireless data bridge to a receiver or repeater mounted some metres away.


The SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) is the athletes component of the system and not a separate component as such. As the SIAC has an integrated radio module, is also has its place in the SI-radio system. Radio transmission of SIAC is initiated by contactless punching at a SPORTident station that is running in beacon mode. Even though the SIAC does the radio transmission, the confirmation of the station determines which data is sent by the SIAC – essentially at each contactless punching the station tells the SIAC which data to send (last record, all unsend records, all card contents).

The SRR Dongle

The SRR dongle receives data records sent from a BS8-SRR station or a SIAC. The device features an USB interface for easy connection with PC, laptop or other standard communication equipment.


The SIGSM-DN GSM modem features two built in SRR receiver modules and automated data transmission to a remote database by using the mobile network. No SRR-specific configuration is needed. Transmitted data are assigned to a pre-defined and active event at trans-mission time. SPORTident offers a monitor website. There is an interface to access the data for further evaluation and integration into customer projects.

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