The SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) enables contactless timing, making it the ideal choice for trail running, mountain biking, orienteering sprint races, and other adventure sports. The ActiveCard registers the time and code number of an AIR+-compatible SPORTident station in a proximity range of up to 3 meters and at a maximum passing speed of 40 km/h. The successful punch is indicated by both optical and acoustic feedback for the athlete. The ActiveCard is fully backwards-compatible with the SPORTident classic system: Direct punching works with all existing SPORTident stations. Card readout and record data format are the same as for classic cards, making the ActiveCard compatible with all existing software solutions. The ActiveCard stores up to 128 punches and registers a direct punch in less than the tenth of a second. By normal use the battery life time is approximately four years, after that the battery can be serviced by SPORTident. The SPORTident ActiveCard also includes a radio module which enables live data during the race, as well as radio readout of the card after the race.

The classic SI-Cards


SI-Card10 belongs to the third generation of SI-Cards. SI-Cards10 register the data record in 60 ms. This fast data record speed is twice as fast as SI-Card8/9. Not only coming with high punching speed but also SI-Card10 features large memory size which is able to store up to 128 intermediate times. It makes the SI-Card10 the perfect choice for the ambitious runner. SI-Card10 comes in sundry-coloured tips and a transparent body.


SI-Card9 belongs to the second generation of SI-Cards with a lot of new and exciting features to make outdoor sport more attractive.
This SI-Card is an advanced passive punching card for orienteering and outdoor sports which features high punching speed and bigger data storage.
SI-Card9 comes in vary-coloured tips and bodies which is possible to be customized.


SI-Card8 belongs to the second generation of SI-Cards. Providing new and exciting features the SI-Card is more attractive for outdoor sport activities.
The advanced passive punching card for orienteering and outdoor sports features high punching speed and bigger data storage.The SI-Card8 is available in two body colors, red and blue.


Punching speed
60 ms

115 ms

115 ms

Intermediate times
Punching Feedback
Choise of color
Only tip

Tip and body

tip black, body red or blue

Number range 7.000.001 - 7.999.999

1.000.001 - 1.999.999

2.000.001 - 2.999.999

The Pcard

The SPORTident pCard is an economical solution for outdoor sport events and is fully compatible with the SPORTident Classic system. Compared to other SPORTident cards, the pCard uses a different form factor and stores only up to 20 punches with a punching speed of 115 ms. Similar to other SPORTident cards, the owner's name, club, email and so on can be stored in the card. In addition, the SPORTident pCard can be customised with a full colour imprint on both sides, e.g. with the logo of the organiser or of sponsors.

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