SPORTident has 20 years of experience with timing of a big variety of sports. To help you to get started, some sets have been composed. Without additional equipment, you can start timing your favourite sport.


The ideal solution to start.

The sets are the best way to start with SPORTident. All the kits are delivered in transport cases with layers to prevent your equipment to be damaged during transportation. The sets are also cheaper then all the components separately. The Starter Set includes the Printout Set. The advantage of having the Printout Set is that it requires no computer or related equipment and expertise. It provides an instant receipt-size printout for an individual competitor with splits and total time. It also prints an all-courses "results" list, by assigning people to the same course based on the same controls punched.

An overview of the existing sets

The SPORTident Orienteering App Set is the best way to get started with the organization of small scale orienteering events and trainings. The SPORTident app set allows you to set up and handle multiple courses at the same time and the SPORTident Printer that connects to your mobile device is the perfect solution to time your orienteering training.

O-Starter set

With our O-Starter set you can quickly set up different exercises like learning games, relays and other team competitions, or small scale orienteering events. All these exercises can be used at schools, universities, companies and sports clubs. The system is easy to handle and it is a lot of fun for the participants. This set is useful for those who want to set up an event very quickly and easily. It is the perfect introduction method to orienteering. The O-Starter set is a specially prepared Set of SI-Stations, SI-cards and more than 1000 exercises. Along with the exercises you get the evaluation files, which are usable with the software from Easygec that comes included. The special orange SI-Stations are simplified in comparison to the common BSF8-Stations. They send only the controls' number to the SI-Card.

School set

It doesn't matter what sport you are performing or for which sport you're searching a solution, the School set is a solution for many activities up to 10 control points. The stations are compatible with the AIR+ technology but in that case additional SIACs are necessary. With the Printout set included, you are autonomous. Timing of small events is no problem thanks to the license of the SIME software that's included.

The mountainbike enduro set

Mountainbike ENDURO is a stage-race format where the winner is the rider who accumulates the lowest combined time from the various timed sections. The SPORTident solution is easy to set up and the different times are storing in the SIAC of the rider. The sets offers a solution for races from 4 to 6 stages per day.

The trail running set

Enjoy pure nature by running with the latest SPORTident Trail Running Set, a fully featured AIR+ configuration of SIACs, SI-Stations, a BS11-Loop Antenna and much more needful equipment. To complete your set and to activate more participants for your next Trail event, SPORTident offers the opportunity to hire equipment in addition to your Trail Running Set.

Printout set

With the Printout Set, you can autonomously handle a small event without a computer. Each participant gets his individual result at the finish and the organiser can print a result list. If the SI-cards are individually identified (can be done with SPORTident Personal software), the names of the participants will be printed.

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