SPORTident O-Cone

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The orange-coloured plastic cone with SI label is an ideal stand for mounting the BSF8/9 Control Stations. It is usable as an orienteering stand (O-Stand) on solid surfaces, like school grounds. The red coupling piece of BSF8/9 Mounting Holder plate has been modified especially to enable the perfect fixing on the cones. The cones can be used as a supplement to the fiberglass O-Stands. The new BSF8/9 Mounting Holder base (red coupling piece) can be fitted to both the cone and the fiberglass O-Stands (Art.-No. 30303). Optionally, a control flag can be attached.

Compatibility : BSF9 or BSF8 Control Station
Recommend : School and training
Dimensions : (HxWxD)45 cm x 28cm x 28 cm
Special : Stable and easy setup on all surfaces
Weight : 1 kg

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