O-Stand (Mounting holder “plate” for BSF8 fixed on a fiberglass stick 80cm)

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Mounting Holder plate for BSF8/9 fixed on the base (red coupling piece) and a fiberglass stick 80cm. You get a set of SPORTident approved fixing plates to click in BSF8/9 ore BSF7 combined with a lightly flexible fiberglass stick of 80cm. The product was developed especially for training lessons, because it is easy to set up in different terrains and comfortable to transport. Optionally, a control flag can be attached.

Compatibility : BSF9, BSF8 or BSF7 Control Station
Recommend : Training and school
Length : 80cm fiberglass
Special : easy setup, light, well balanced
Weight : 38 gramm (total weight incl. fiberglass stick and flag 244 gramm)

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