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Identification at check points in outdoor sport disciplines like trail, mountain bike ENDURO and MTBO is slightly different than in orienteering. In general, passing speed is higher and control points are more line elements than filigree objects. The BS11-BS (beacon short distance) is special adapted for these applications by enabling identification over the air. The station is part of SPORTident AIR+ system configuration and can be configured with SPORTident Config+

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The SPORTident station BS11-BS (beacon small) is part of the SPORTident AIR+ product family,
featuring contactless registration of time records. The station works together with the SPORTident
ActiveCard (SIAC) which records the station’s signal over a distance of up to 1.80 meters.
At only 150 grams and with the same small form-factor as the BSF7 station, the BS11-BS is easy
to carry around and set up. Water-proof, robust and with an operating time of up to 75 hours on
one battery charge, the BS11-BS covers even the most demanding outdoor events. These
characteristics make it an ideal fit for outdoor sports such as biking, trail running, skiing as well as
The BS11-BS can be configured as start or finish or as a control point on the track. It is typically
mounted at the side of the track and operates unattended once set up and switched on. The
station works with an unlimited number of SIACs simultaneously.
The station is configured, updated and recharged via USB. The companion PC software
SPORTident Config+ gives access to the full configuration of the station, allowing for flexible and
advanced use cases. In a typical application however only the real time clock needs to be set
before a race.
The BS11-BS does not record passing SIACs. The time records are registered and stored on the
SIACs only. However, the SIAC can send its records via radio to a SPORTident SRR (short range
radio) dongle or GSM modem when passing a BS11-BS station.


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