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The SPORTident Printout Set is a complete and compact evaluation tool to read out and print the data stored in SPORTident Cards. It consists of the SPORTident Printout Station and a thermal printer. Using the Printout Set the data records stored in SPORTident Cards can be computed and printed out. Standard features of the printout are control points’ code number, punching time, lap times and total running time. The whole configuration is battery-driven, no PC is required. 
The Printout Set is a part of the Starter and the Timekeeper Set, but the Thermal Printer Set and BS7-P Printout Station are also offered separately.

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SPORTident Printout Station BS7-P


A set of instruction cards (“Service/OFF”, “Clear backup”, “Start” and “Print results”)


The Printout station features an easy evaluation printout. SI-Cards read in are automatically sorted into different categories and ranked according their running/cycling time.

The backup memory size of the Printout station can store the content of up to 1022 SI-Cards for later evaluation.


Thermal Printer MCP 7830-242


The Printout station can store a user defined printout layout by using PC software SI-Print. So application specific printouts are possible. This offers the usage of the Printout-Set in a wide range of applications in different sports.


2/5 years

Supplements5 rolls of thermal-paper, transport case

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