The App for your orienteering training

The SPORTident orienteering App set is the Android app for managing your timed orienteering trainings. The app allows you to quickly read out cards, get split time printouts, define rankings and upload results instantly online. More information about the different system parts are given in the specific product release notes. 

Product recommendation

Basic components

SPORTident printer

SPORTident main station BSM8-USB Read-out config.

USB OTG to USB adapter

USB-C to USB adapter

Thermal Paper

Transport case (grey-S) with insert

One-year SPORTident Orienteering App 100 subscription

DescriptionThe equipment is very robust and will also cope with rough treatment. It is water resistant (except the printer), which makes it suitable in all circumstances.
SoftwareAndroid based application
PrinterSPORTident App set includes read out station and thermal printer that connects via Bluetooth to android devices
Warranty2/5 years
CaseSmall transport case with special inlay
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