While the basic setup for most needs is straightforward, different product options together with rich configuration possibilities allow you to adapt the timing hardware to almost any use case and scenario you can think of. SPORTident is routinely used in many sports, from mountain biking, to orienteering, trail running, ultra marathons, triathlons, lap runs, adventure races, and company races.


Any type of start

SPORTident is relied upon for sports any timing of a person moving through a series of checkpoints. The checkpoints can be anywhere and the timing data is stored with the runner. The way of starting doesn't matter. The starting time can be allocated, free or even a mass start. SPORTidents system handles it all.


The newest solution is offered by the AIR+ technology. The SPORTident Active Card SIAC is fully compatible with other SPORTident equipment. Now organizers can also combine contact punching stations (passive - BSF8) with non – contact punching stations (active - BS11). With this system it is easier to set up more attractive sport events, combining orienteering exercises, biking, running, swimming and other sports. It is possible to combine BS11 stations with BSF7 or BSF8 stations and use both modes of the SIAC in one event.

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