Easy to carry

SPORTident timing hardware is small, light-weight and battery powered. For some races, you can fit all the equipment you need in a backpack. Our hardware will run happily unattended, timing your participants and waiting for you to pick it up after the race. Thanks to SPORTidents ultra-low-power technology, the most durable stations run on battery for years. The rechargeable stations run for days on one charge.


Lightweight transport cases

The SPORTident equipment is very compact and easy to store and to transport. For transport to and from an activity, transport cases with different inlays are available. The SPORTident sets have optimized cases.

It's easy to put out controls

Putting out the control stations is an easy job. The stations can be carried in special made vests or in a backpack. The glasfiber O-stands are rigid but still very light and suited for the different stations, both for the classic as the AIR+ system.

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