Instruction cards

In order to use the SPORTident Station, the following instruction cards are required to start: "Service/OFF", "Clear backup", "Start" and "Print results". Instruction card "Service/OFF" to switch on and off the SI-stations or to switch them into service mode. Instruction card "Clear backup" to clear the stations backup memory. Instruction card "Print results" to print results (to be used with printout station). Instruction card "Start" to store the mass start time into printout station. The "on/off switch" instruction card with the white tip is used to switch the BSF-11 stations ON or OFF.

Elastic bands

Using SPORTident Cards either in sport competitions or training, the athlete should attach it on the finger, hand or arm with an elastic band. The elastic band is available in 5 different colors; black, red, green, blue, and black-red (special edition: black/red with SI Icon) and two lengths: 14 cm/25 cm. The size can be customised to adjust the needs.

Mounting holder plate

Mounting holder plate developed for SPORTident control station BS8, BS7 and BS11-BS. The mounting holder is available in two sizes, small and large, for the different types of stations. The holders will be delivered with mouting material and screws.

O-Stand and control flags

Mounting holder "plate" for BS8 fixed on the base and a fiberglass stick 80cm. You get a set of SPORTident approved fixing plate to click in BS7/8 combined with a lightly flexible fiberglass stick of 80cm. The product was developed especially for schools and training lessons, cause it is easy to set up in different terrains and comfortable to transport. Control Flags are used for orienteering activities as a sign at the control point in the field. They are available in three different sizes; 30x30 cm, 15x15 cm, 6x6 cm. All control flags are IOF approved with the SPORTident icon on the top of the right corner.

Bike holder

The bike holder is a SPORTident developed product specially for the ActiveCard. Mounted on the handlebar, the frame or the suspension the bike holder protects your ActiveCard in the best way. The holder is a robust product fixed with strips or elastic bands. The unique design allows to operate the card with all SI-stations. If the ActiveCard is plugged in, you dont need to put them out during the race.

Transportation case

The transportation case is available in two different sizes to make the transport of your SPORTident equipment more comfortable. You can decide between an insert for 60 SI-Cards or SPORTident basic hardware. The case for your SPORTident stations has a size of 394 x 294 x 106mm. The smaller case for 50 SI-Cards is deilvered with the size of 340 x 275 x 83mm. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Carrying vest

The carrying vest is the perfect solution to transport your SPORTident control stations to the controls. The vest with a standart camouflage design is available in two versions for BS7 and BS8 stations. Version A is a vest for 20 BS8 and Version B for 16 BSF7 or BS11-BS.

Cable RS232-USB

Interface cable to connect the stations BSF7-D-RS232 or BSF7-PT with a USB connection to a computer.

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