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to time your sport events

What is our approach?

We produce timing hardware. With our products, organisers in over 65 countries create amazing sport experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed and produced in Germany, our hardware is light, robust, and easy to set up.

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How it works?

Discover how SPORTident can offer a comprehensive system solution for timekeeping in outdoor and indoor sports.

Our solutions


Identification at check points in outdoor sports is done by communication between SI-stations and cards, by punching or over the air.


Different types of SI-cards are available for the classic and the AIR+ SPORTident system.


Accessories are available to help you manage your indoor and outdoor sport events


SPORTident has 20 years of experience with timing of a big variety of sports. To help you to get started, some sets have been composed.


SPORTident radios are the main infrastructure devices to enable time keeping and identification at check points.

System software

Different softwares are available for different purposes and regularly a new version comes available, eliminating bugs or providing new..

Our most popular products

Combine the SPORTident system with exiting exercises in schools.

A partnership has been concluded between Go4orienteering and SPORTident for offering exiting exercises with an easy and affordable timing system.

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