Combine the SPORTident system with exiting exercises in schools.

home-5A partnership has been concluded between Go4orienteering and SPORTident for offering exiting exercises with an easy and affordable timing system.

Over 1000 exercises guarantees hours of fun.

With a minimum of preparation, challenging exercises can be done at school. Running becomes fun and is no longer a boring activity. A combination of mind activity, execution speed, sometimes competition, makes the time fly by while physical activity is part of the game.

The timing ...

The success of SPORTident is based on giving the students instant feedback about their activities. They can immediately see their improvement there and what better motivation is there for exercise. It can be a simple game or a more serious competition. Students must feel they can compete on their own terms and whether it is a game or competition, it must be as fair as possible.
The combination of the exercises from Go4orienteering and the SPORTident schools timing system assures a good workout.